Welcome to the Festival VIP Decentralized Ticket Exchange (dTEX)

Initially, we will be supporting Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitShares (BTS), STEEM, and bitUSD trading markets.

Here is a list of our current active ticket trading markets.

Our Genesis Festival VIP Event will show the world there are now unlimited ways to finding a festival ticket. If you are interested we provide all the Proof-of-Ticket you need to get your tickets without any worry. For One Love Fest Click Here

One Love Fest 2018 Admission Tickets**

  • Three Day Ticket
  • Two Day Ticket (Saturday/Sunday)
  • One Day Ticket Saturday
  • One Day Ticket Sunday

One Love Fest 2018 VIP Extras

  • Glamping - Furnished TEE-PEE tent.
  • RV Camping 0-32’ W/Hookups
  • RV Camping 32+’ W/Hookups
  • RV Camping with NO Hookups

**Click on the symbol of the crypto you want to use

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